Admission Procedure

“A great journey of thousand miles starts with a single step.” Your decision to take admission into Dr.KKR’s Gowtham Educational Institutions is a right step in the right direction at the right time.

Dr.KKR’s Gowtham Educational Institutions take pride in providing concept based learning in the good environment. Admissions are open for the Academic year 2023-24 for Dayscholars – LKG to Class IX, for Hostelers – III to class IX

Date & Time of Admission Test

DAILY,10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.


CBSE text for the classes “LKG to IX”

STATE text for the classes “VI to IX”

Syllabus will be common for the classes “LKG to V”. Student will be given the choice of STATE or CBSE from the VI std.

Admission Test syllabus (2023-24)

Class Maths English
Into  I Numbers, After, before, biggest , smallest, Use correct symbols 1 to 100 , Ascending / Descending
( 1 to 9) ,
Drawing the beads  on the abacus, single digit
Additions& Subtractions
Alphabet , Opposites,
Singular – Plural
Articles, Prepositions, Nouns ,  Dictation, Own sentences,
General Questions
Into  II Addition, Subtraction, Tens and ones,  Ordinal numbers,  Skip counting,  Multiplication, Division,
Time,  Money,  Shapes
Alphabet,  Opposites ,
Singular – Plural , Articles
Prepositions , Nouns
Dictation , Own sentences
General Questions
 Into  III Number system , Addition , Subtraction , Multiplication , Division, Measurements ,
Fractions , Money , Time
Alphabet , Opposites , Meanings,
Singular – Plural,  Articles
Punctuation,  Nouns,
Picture Composition,
Own sentences, About yourself
 Into  IV Number system , Addition ,  Subtraction ,
Multiplication , Division , Measurements ,
Fractions ,  Money , Time
Handwriting (The Alphabet Aa to Zz)
Opposites, Own sentences
Prepositions , Adjectives
Pronouns,  Tenses , Essay writing,
Comprehension passage,
Picture Composition
 Into  V Large numbers , Addition,  Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Factors & Multiples ,
Fractions, Decimals
Handwriting (The Alphabet Aa to Zz)
Opposites , Own sentences
Punctuation , Tenses
Interjections , Kinds of Nouns
Adjectives : Comparison,
Picture Comprehension ,
Comprehension passage
 Into  VI Large numbers , Factors & Multiples, Fractions ,  Decimals , Simplifications
Into VII
I. Number System : –
a) Knowing our numbers
b) Whole numbers,  c) Playing with numbers
d) Integers,  e) Fractions and Decimals
II.  Basic Geometrical Ideas : –
a) Measures of lines and angles
b) Understanding 2D and 3D shapes
III) Perimeter and Area , Introduction to Algebra Ratio and Proportion ,Symmetry
Into VII
Knowing our numbers, Whole numbers,  Playing with numbers , Integers, Fractions and Decimals,
Ratio and Proportion and unitary method,
Algebra, Simplifications
Into  VIII
Rational numbers , Algebraic expressions,
Ratios , Triangles , Exponents ,Fundamentals
Into  VIII
Rational numbers, Integers, Simple equations ,   Lines and angles, Triangles and its properties , Congruence of Triangles, Comparing Quantities, Perimeter and Area, Algebraic expressions, Exponents and powers.
Into  IX
Rational numbers , Linear equations in one variable , Exponents and powers ,
Concepts of Geometrical figures (2-D & 3-D)
Frequency distribution
Into IX
Rational numbers, Linear equations in one variable, Understanding Quadrilaterals , Mensuration, Exponents and powers, Comparing Quantities , Factorisation, Playing with numbers, Algebraic expressions and Identities.