Dr. KKR visited about 18 countries like Japan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, France, Germany, Italy, Vatican City, Holland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, England etc., for studying the education system in schools. He studied the different cultures, the architectural beauty as well as the facilities provided for the students in schools and hostels. His dream school is based mainly on these four aims.

AIM-I (FOUNDATION FOR ANY COMPETITITVE TEST-FACT) Parents desire that their children have good education to enable them to get a good job. In this highly competitive world, one must secure a good degree from a reputed professional college by scoring well and getting rank in competitive exams like Engineering, Medical, EAMCET, IIT, AIEEE, Civil services etc. Most of the schools and many parents feel that a high percentage of marks in SSC is enough for a bright future.

Points to ponder


Why most of the students who pass ‘SSC’ with 550 or 560 range marks are not getting the same range of ranks in the competitive exams held after Intermediate.

Their rank in any competitive exam (after Inter) is not in accordance with their marks in 10th class. Most of the students are laying stress on cramming and regurgitating the questions and answers which may be effective to get very good percentage in 10th class, but is ineffective in competitive exams. The simple solution is to have a strong foundation in the fundamentals of subject at school level.

At ‘Gowtham Concept School’, the emphasis is on how to make a student absorb, understand, analyze the concept of the subject through different modern and research oriented methods. We have trained a team of lecturers to teach from VII to X class to make them efficient for appearing for any competitive exam after Intermediate. For this we chalked out a programme called Foundation for any Competitive Test (FACT).

Teaching for FACT requires special expertise as it requires going into the depth of the subject, teaching, and the fundamental concepts clearly. Some lecturers, who have vast experience in coaching for all competitive tests, have been specially trained for the same. One group of lecturers has prepared a special material for FACT.

Everybody should recognize the fact that securing good rank in competitive exams requires good command over the fundamentals in the subject.


(Communication skill and personality development)

A mere degree from a famous college will not fetch a good job with a handsome pay packet. In order to command respect from the colleagues, and to grow in the organisation, one must have good communication skills, both oral and in written form. Gowtham Concept School, inculcates communication skills, training in spoken English right from LKG level, using scientific methods like audio video aids, language workshop, and modern teaching methods.

‘Success literature’

‘Success literature’ is another indispensable thing to make a student come up in life. Special classes on personality development are introduced in the daily schedule. Stress is laid on the main aspects of personality development like:

  • Setting Goals
  • Planning for achieving the goal
  • Positive attitude and probable attitude.
  • Right thinking in the event of failures, and setting oneself for next endeavor needs learning from the failures.


A student who joins our school in LKG is going to be with us for about 14 long years (LKG to Inter).You might have come across statements from our politicians or from public that “the teachers are the builders of the nation”; “Today’s kid is tomorrows citizen”. “The character of nation is character of people”. “Building up character should be started in the schools”. Think seriously as to how many teachers or how many schools’ management have really worked about imparting human values, human relations and ethics. Everybody talks about it excitedly, but no body implements it seriously. There are many instances of people who neglect their parents. They could be successful in their careers, earning millions in foreign countries but do not bother to care for their parents, leaving them to suffer financially as well as emotionally in India. This is due to incomplete education imparted in the school. Students should be taught social and moral values too. The school should aim at character building up of its students. In fact the time the students spend in the school, in hostels is much more as compared to the time they spend with their parents. At Gowtham Concept School, stress is laid on ethics and human values especially on three parameters like: IIT Foundation for a bright future.

  • How to plan for a happy life without causing iota of inconvenience to others.
  • To respect parents and elders all through their life and have human values.
  • Preserving nature and sympathy towards poor.

With the psychological and emotional training we give here, we are sure our students will never neglect their parents in their old age.


A person who secures a good job through conceptual learning and the one who maintains good ethical standard with cordial human relations rightly deserve personal happiness which can be gained by some sort of fine art. Giving the choice to the student, we give emphasis for games or fine art or some other activity, which gift personal happiness to the student throughout his life. We take care of imparting knowledge to earn reasonable good wealth through potential job. We take care of imparting ethics, human values and thus the character. We take care of health by good nutritious food, games and meditation etc. Wealth-health-character are the ingredients for a happy life , and they are all taken care of.

What more do you need?

At Gowtham, you get back much more than your money’s worth. The facilities when compared to international schools are on par. But our standard of education when compared to them is far above par. This is gurukul system of education blended with International School Facilities.

Right from LKG to class VI, we concentrate on English language and basics of Science and Maths. We stress on personality development, ethics and moral values.

From VII Class onwards, we start taking studies more seriously as the training for foundation courses start from 7th to 10th. The whole scenario takes a drastic academic turn from 7th class.