We had only one target in mind. ‘An outgoing student of Gowtham should carry with him the profound knowledge of the fundamentals of the subject that will enable him get a brilliant rank in the competitive exams like IIT, AIEEE, BITSAT, EAMCET, JIPMER etc.’ Before choosing a school for a kid, the parents have to ask the school management only one question point blank as to “How many old students of that school secured ranks in the competitive examinations like IIT, AIEEE, BITSAT, EAMCET, JIPMER etc?” The standard of a school can be assessed depending upon these ranks only. It is the responsibility of the school to keep track of the past-school record of their alumni. The school management should be in a position to tell the prospective parent as to what has become of their students as regards to the rank in the competitive examinations as it has direct bearing on what the school has sown and what are the fruits, the plants did bear. Boasting about the 10th class totals and trying to allure the parents with th ose marks is hoodwinking and deceit. But, by and large, even the educated parents are falling prey for 10th class totals. Parents are forgetting the fact that the 10th class totals and the rank in competitive test have no relation what so ever. We are well aware of the required subject concepts and grip on subject fundamentals which are prerequisites for good rank in competitive tests. We have twenty years of rich and long experience in the field of competitive tests and that was evident when we secured state and national ranks time and again. (The record of ranks is included in this book). When we started the school, we had IIT Ramaiah’s test in mind as we can prove ourselves on the wonders the conceptual teaching can do (as it takes only two years to get the result). If we have to await IIT result, it will take 4 years to prove ourselves. That is why we have chosen to send our students for IIT Ramaiah’s test which any way is an acid test to know whether the student has IIT caliber or not.

Coming to Maths, we concentrated on Olympiad problems. Our students followed the mathematical magazines published by AMTI (Madras). In Physics, we followed “Concepts of Physics” by H.C.Verma. And as per Chemistry, we followed “Problems in Chemistry” by Bahadur and Arihanth Series. It is a pretty well known fact that these are the books followed in IIT coaching in Intermediate. But our students could follow these books two years ahead of the time. Apart from the books mentioned, our students followed the EAMCET and AIEEE books in 8th, 9th, 10th classes. While teaching, we taught the concepts meticulously, slowly and repeatedly until they understood the concepts thoroughly. We saw to it that they were able to apply those concepts in solving the assignments.

To start with, we took one chapter each from Maths, Physics and Chemistry and taught them taking good number of hours. We supplied some assignments on that chapter and gave ample time to solve those problems. We clarified the doubts and conducted an examination on that chapter in each subject. Depending upon those marks we categorized the students into three batches. Level C (foundation for IIT) coaching is given to highly meritorious students. Level B (foundation for AIEEE, BITSAT, EAMCET) coaching is given to the next best. Level A (confining to the prescribed text books only) coaching is given to mediocre students. The toughness of the coaching given is in accordance with the grasping caliber of the student. If we do not segregate the students depending upon their I.Q, the IIT foundation would be a burden and create mental pressure.

In the period of giving IIT foundation, we used to marvel and get awe-struck at their quick grasping and sharpness. Some times, some problems given in the foreign Olympiad tests used to puzzle and prove to be time consuming even for the teachers. The power of conceptual teaching manifested itself when some of the students made a successful attempt to solve them effortlessly. In the beginning of coaching, a teacher may excel the student in speed and accuracy of solving the problems, but by the time the coaching comes to an end, the taught always surpasses the teacher. Do we not know the fact that the fastest runner Carl Lewis runs faster than his coach? A student takes lesser time to solve the IIT question paper than his teacher. A perfectly coached student attains multifaceted thinking and lateral thinking after a tremendous practice.

Through this conceptual teaching, a student gets trained in analytical thinking, quick grasping, academic affinity and creativity. What with his razor sharp memory and proactive attitude the student becomes highly aggressive in application side. A teacher gives the inputs only. The students gathers all the concepts, equips himself with logical, analytical, creative, and lateral thinking and works like a computer in problem solving methods. In this regard, more often than not, the student gives surprises by solving most complicated problems.

It is as much fortunate for a teacher to get a good student as it is for a student to get a good teacher. Acharya Drona, the famous mythological archery coach for blue blood could become so famous, only because he could get a brilliant student like Arjuna. Had Drona happened to have students like Bheema, we would never have learnt about Acharya Drona.

Knowing the depth of the subject is one thing and teaching another. Through so many long discussions and mutual consultations, our staff designed ingenious methods of interactive teaching techniques by which concepts can be driven home. Our staff prepared teaching plans with apt and suitable examples by which concepts can be instilled. Generally people are of the opinion that a teacher who teaches kids should get down to their level to deliver the goods properly. But in our experiment, we experienced that a teacher has to grow up and wisen up to the level of kids and then teach. It is comparatively easier to teach a concept to intermediate students, rather than teaching the same concept to high school students, it is a Herculean task. You will understand this fact only when you try, to give a try to teach. This conceptual pedagogy is a sacred sensible and sensitive task. To succeed in this, a teacher should be trained properly to understand the concepts in true perspective. A burning candle only can light a nother candle. A teacher has to continually interact with the students observing their body language, to know whether they are coming along with you in the academic journey and transfer the knowledge as serenely as the data transfers from one computer to another computer in tranquility. At every step, the teacher, by posing questions, has to confirm whether the concepts are reaching home. Conceptual teaching is a phenomenon that comes under the genre of intellect and thinking. The staff used to experience the euphoria and pure thrill in this ingenious pedagogical experiment.

During the days of coaching, we used to count the chickens even before they were hatched. We thought that if we secured about ten to twelve ranks from a single school it would trigger tremors in the academic world. We didn’t have the slightest idea even as to what outcome our hard work and perseverance had kept in store for us. But the moment, we came to know that we secured 44 ranks in IIT Ramaiah’s test, we exulted over and felt as if we had conquered the world. We experienced the euphoria and total bliss. We did not expect the hither-to hibernating success would spring a surprise that would ensue an academic Tsunami. The true prospective of this result will be comprehended when one knows the fact that no school in India ever produced students of IIT caliber for more than single digit in the history of the schools. I am indebted to the parents of these students and I congratulate all my staff for their dedication and endeavour and I bless my students that they should scale greatest heights in their career and they should go places. They gave me enough success by which I can unequivocally claim that Gowtham Concept School is the best in the country in IIT foundation.