Dr. K.K.R drew inspiration from Late Sri Bullaiah, Founder Director, Gowtham Institutions. The values K.K.R stood for, and the vision he had for the student community of Andhra Pradesh stand as the driving force, that always keeps his team in top gear. Gurukul system is based on total trust the students have on their teachers. This old but dying system is being revived at Gowtham Concept School. The students are taught to value the education and the educators. The respect for the teachers reflects in their performance, attitude and growth.

Gowtham Concept School takes it as a responsibility of educating students in all aspects. It emphasizes on inculcating a sense of social commitment and their emotional obligations towards parents. It is the prime dream of Dr.KKR to make his child (student) look after his/her parents affectionately in their old age. The students here are moulded to have helping nature, social responsibility and positive attitude in all walks of life. They are encouraged to lend a helping hand to the deprived and down-trodden people. All the students are moulded in such a way that they lead a responsible life by maintaining cordial human relations. As Indian values are degenerating day by day, Gowtham Concept School emphasizes on ethics, human values and human relations. Religion, Caste and Creed have no room in this regard since general morals, code of conduct, well refined behavioral patterns, sympathetic and helpful to the poor are great human virtues. Ultimately, a student is moulded to architect a happy and contended living without hurting others by maintaining cordial human relations.