FACT is a unique course module that prepares students for competitive examinations. The module enables the student to successfully face any competitive examination after Intermediate, like EAMCET Engineering, EAMCET Medical, AIEEE or IIT-JEE etc. By the time a Gowtham student comes out of school after 10th class, he will have knowledge of the subject equal to the standard of Intermediate student. FACT also gives students the head start at the Intermediate level to face the competitive exams at state and national level confidently.

Competitive Examinations

Conceptual teaching is key word of Gowtham. The prime aim of Gowtham Concept School is to lay adequate stress on academic excellence. This quality of Dr K.K.R made him lead his Gowtham Gudavalli Campus as the best institution in the state for MPC Intermediate. Selection of staff, their high profile training, conceptual teaching, effective academic planning and personal execution of the plan are the success mantras of Gowtham.

From L.K.G to V class, play way methods and Montessori methods along with modern techniques of teaching are adopted. Much stress is given on language, ethics and human values, and basic fundamentals of the subjects, without stress.

From VI to X class, the whole scenario takes a great turn. Conceptual teaching and analytical thinking are started with more seriousness. Rigorous training is given by a team of excellent lecturers to attain grip on the fundamentals of the subject.