India is a country with diverse and rich culture. Each state has its own trends and tradition. The folklore finds different interpretation in each and every part of the country. These diverse cultures are taught to the students in the form of folk music and folk dances. Students who desire to learn these art forms can do so by enrolling for the same in the art centre of the school.

The celebration time

At Gowtham, festivals, days of national importance, birthday parties, annual day celebrations all are gala events wherein every child has a pivotal role to play. They are the very reasons for students to rejoice and celebrate to the fullest. More importantly, the cultural activities on these days are a real delight to eyes and are praise-worthy. All the students showcase their brilliance keeping aside the regular schedule. Gowtham, in this aspect, as a very stage and encourages students to exhibit their innate talents. Exceptionally talented students who display their talents during the Annual Day acts Celebrations and cultural shows are suitably rewarded and are given due recognition.