An individual sport is an ideal way of releasing the energy creatively. It also provides an outlet for a well-directed release of emotions in a positive way. It is believed that swimming is a comprehensive and complete form of exercise for the entire body. The school has a hygienically maintained swimming pool with a provision to change the water on every alternative day to maintain hygiene. Life jackets are made mandatory for primary students. A trained coach and lifeguard are present at all times supervising the learners. Chess is a form of mind sport that is encouraged of the various exercises and games designed to improve the analytical skills, A game of Chess is recommended as the best form of exercise. Students learn to analyze the problem at hand in different ways and work out different solutions.

Karate classes are offered as training in self-defense and aerobic classes for physical workouts. All in all physical fitness of the students is given due attention and talents are recognized and nurtured.